Much like the disciplined and multifaceted art form we strive to perfect, the KMF team represents the ultimate balance in architectural creativity and function.

The pairing of energy and experience is evident in every venture we undertake, merging seamlessly with your project’s natural momentum to achieve an immersive harmony of design, utility and reliability. We are proud to feature a diverse array of talent and experience, offering our clients a personal touch unmatched in the industry. KMF brings a passionate, hands-on approach to every endeavor from the first sparks of inspiration to the full realization of a project.

Joseph H. Morgan, AIA

Even as an 8th grader, Joe knew he wanted to be an architect.  Becoming an architect and ultimately Senior Principal of the firm has taken Joe through a diverse journey that includes civil and structural engineering, cost estimating, construction management, technical design architecture, specification writing and project management. His experience spans from from boots-in-the mud to the highest levels in corporate board rooms.  According to Joe, “Every project has hurdles and problems to overcome.”  Joe finds joy in problem solving and mentoring students in the profession using his broad base of experience. In his family life, Joe has a big heart, opening his house to foster kids exiting out of the system, and using his life skills to teach them about independent living and moving into adulthood.  Joe is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.  He is a former Board Member of the Orange County Development Advisory Board, and currently serves on the National Selective Service System Board.  Joe also plays Timpani and is an active member of his church.

Eric Oskar Kleinsteuber, AIA
Vice President

Eric is the Design Director and Architect of Record for KMF. A graduate of the School of Architecture at the University of Florida, Eric has an award winning and diverse portfolio. Approaching each project as a unique opportunity to combine design and practicality for our diverse client set, Eric explores materiality and spatial relationships in all projects regardless of scope, while retaining budget friendly and sustainable solutions. Eric is a national award-winner who is active in his local community both professionally and personally.  Professionally he serves as Chairman of the Orange County Building Codes Board of Adjustments and Appeals, sits on the board of the Nils M. Schweizer Fellows and is the past President of the Society of American Registered Architects Florida Council.  Personally he sits on the board of Delaney Park Little League where he is also a Manager as well as a Youth Faith Leader at his church.  Eric is also a contemporary artist, with his work being shown throughout Florida.

Bill Emery
Senior Technician

Bill Emery is a Senior Technician at KMF Architects. He has extensive architectural experience from an illustrious career that spans the nation. Bill performs services in preliminary project documentation and construction document execution, specification preparation, project management and construction administration. Bill has worked on a variety of projects ranging from large scale higher education and corporate headquarter design to minor office suite renovations. He has diverse experience with project types that include K-12 schools and universities, churches, federal and municipal offices, commercial buildings, and single and multi-family residential complexes. Bill is a veteran of the United States Army and holds a degree in Theological Studies. He is also an active academic.

Rodney J. Bryant
Senior Project Manager

Rodney is a Senior Project Manager

Justin Jarrett

Justin Jarrett is a Florida Native living and studying throughout the state. Justin recognizes the importance of design and sustainability and the pragmatism associated with professional practice. Throughout his 7 years of experience, Justin has assisted on a variety of diverse projects types and scales, implementing his skills with an in depth understanding of 3D design and drafting software such as AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Revit, and Sketch Up. His experience as an artist, musician, and dedicated designer blend with his understanding of architectural spaces, and the Florida Landscape, making him a unique and creative asset of the KMF team.

Edward Thomas
Construction Observation

Edward does Construction Observation

Alex Terry

Alex is an important part of the KMF Architects team.